Jazz Postpaid Internet Packages

Jazz Postpaid Internet Packages

Are you a Jazz Postpaid user? And want to use jazz amazing Internet packages and plans according to your requirements. Jazz is offering multiple Internet packages for both its prepaid and postpaid users. So today, I will share complete details of Jazz Postpaid Internet Packages.

Here is a list of Jazz Postpaid Internet Packages

Jazz is offering multiple Jazz Postpaid Internet Packages and plans for its customers. You can check all the Packages listed below and select your favorite one.

Jazz Postpaid Data Packages
Sr. NoPackage NameVolumePriceDurationSubscription Code
1Monthly WhatsApp5 GB data for Whatsapp onlyRs. 100 (incl.tax)1 Month*441*29#
2Monthly Streamer2 GB Data plus 2 GB for Facebook, WhatsApp, & TwitterRs. 425 (incl.tax)1 Month*441*9#
3Monthly Premium7 GB Data plus 3 GB for Facebook, WhatsApp, & TwitterRs. 850 (incl.tax)1 Month*441*1#
4Monthly Supreme16 GB DataRs. 1300 (incl.tax)1 Month*441*38#
5Monthly Super25 GB DataRs. 1600 (incl.tax)1 Month*441*39#
6Monthly Ultimate50 GB DataRs. 2750 (incl.tax)1 Month*441*2#
Here is a list of Jazz Postpaid Data Packages.
Jazz Postpaid All-in-One Packages
Sr. NoPackage NameVolumePriceDurationSubscription Code
1All-In-One Budget2 GB for Facebook, WhatsApp, & Twitter Plus 200 All Network Minutes and 2000 SMSRs. 700 (incl.tax)1 Month*441*117#
2All-In-One Mega15 GB Data plus 500 All Network Minutes and 5000 SMSRs. 1400 (incl.tax)1 Month*441*118#
Here is a list of Jazz Postpaid All-in-One Packages.
Jazz Internet Once-Off Packages

Jazz Once-off packages are those packages that are subscribed for one time only. They do not subscribe automatically on the bill date.

Sr. NoPackage NameVolumePriceDurationSubscription Code
1Data Add On 1
1 GB DataRs. 300 (incl.tax)1 Month*441*10#
2Data Add On 2
2 GB DataRs. 450 (incl.tax)1 Month*441*52#
3Data Add On 3
4 GB DataRs. 500 (incl.tax)1 Month*441*11#
Here is a list of Jazz Internet Once-Off Packages.

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Jazz Postpaid Internet Packages
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