Top 10 Tech Startups in Pakistan

Top 10 Tech Startups in Pakistan

Unfortunately, there has been no Startup Unicorn in Pakistan until now, but Pakistani Startups are doing their best. In the last some years, Pakistan has produced some amazing startups. Organizations like Ignite, NIC (National Incubations center), Plan 9, and IT Parks all over Pakistan are playing a vital role in the growth of Startups. There are many startups in Pakistan that have achieved a lot in a relatively short time. So today, I am going to share the top 10 tech startups in Pakistan.

Top 10 Tech Startups in Pakistan

1. Airfit Technologies

Founders: Usman Gull, Ahmed Ayub, Meher Farrukh

Airlift is one of the most successful and top Pakistani startup. They began their service as a very unique and comfortable within city public transport company in 2019, but due to Corona Panadamic in 2019, they changed their business model to a grocery delivery service App. Airlift is now offering its service in more than 8 cities in Pakistan. They are also delivering Bakery items, fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat. I am personally using their services, and according to my experience, they offer the best grocery delivery service compared to any other company.

2. Bazaar Technologies  

Founders: Saad Jangda, Hamza Jawaid

Bazaar technologies was founded in 2020. They are empowering merchants to grow their businesses through their e-commerce and fintech solutions. It is a B2B (business-to-business) online marketplace that connects retail shopkeepers directly with wholesalers and manufacturers. Retailers can easily purchase a wide range of products for their shops by just using their mobile phone’s app. Many shop keepers are not able to visit the wholesale market due to shortage of time, for all these shop keepers Bazaar is the best solution.

3. Deaf Tawk

Founders: Ali Shabbar, Wamiq Hasan, Abdul Qadeer

Deaf Tawk is one of the most innovative startup in Pakistan. They are playing a huge role in bridging the gap between the hearing community and the Deaf community. Deaf Tawk is using digital platforms to provide sign language interpretation services. They are trying to improve the lives of people who have been marginalized and help them contribute to society.

4. Finja

Founders: Umer Munawar, Monis Rahman, Qasif Shahid

Finja was founded in 2016. They are offering financial services to individuals, SMEs, and businesses. You can quickly transfer funds, top up your mobile phone and pay your bills with the help of the mobile app. you can also get a loan and manage your employess’ salary by using the same app. One of the best features of Finja is that employees can get some percentage of their salary in advance before their salary date.

5. Sadapay

Founders: Brandon Timinsky

Sadapay was founded in 2018. It is one of the best alternatives to Paypal in Pakistan. You can use Sadapay for funds transfers, online payments, and for receiving international payments. Many freelancers and companies are using Sadapay to receive their payments from their global clients. You can also use Sadapay Integration for your e-commerce store. Sada pay also provides you with a debit card to withdraw your money using any ATM (Automated teller machine).

6. ELO (Export Left Over)

Founders: Umar Qamar, Qamar Aftab

ELO (Export leftover) was founded in 2013. It is one of the leading E-commerce in Pakistan, with outstanding products and very impressive prices. Pakistan exports many quality products all over the world, but some products are left over due to minor errors. ELO is selling export leftovers, especially apparel for women, men, and kids. ELO is delivering their products all over Pakistan.

7. Car First

Fonders: Raja Murad Khan

Car First started its service in 2016. They are helping many people to sell their used vehicles very easily and quickly. First, their expert team thoroughly inspects your vehicle and diagnoses everything about your car. And after the inspection report, they quote you the best price for your vehicle. And After a successful deal, you will get instant payment of your car through cheque or online transfer. In 2018 Car First started Pakistan’s first all-women purchase center in Lahore for their female customers.

8. Digi Khata

Founders: Adnan Aslam

Digi Khata was founded in 2020, and It is the first startup in Pakistan that provides this kind of unique service. They are helping micro and small enterprises to get rid of offline registers and diaries that are really difficult to handle. By using the Digi Khata app, any time, you can easily handle bookkeeping through your mobile phone or by using their web portal.

9. Dawaai

Founders: Furquan Kidwai

Dawaai is helping millions of people since 2013. It is Pakistan’s leading e-commerce store for medicines and medical equipment. They are helping millions of people who are not available at home due to a job or business, and there is no one available to deliver medicines to their parents or any other family member. Dawaai is offering delivery services all over Pakistan. They have qualified pharmacists to handle all our products.

10. Grocer App

Founders: Rai Bilal, Ahmad Saeed, Hassaan Sadiq

Grocer App is offering its service since 2016. They are providing a huge range of grocery products along with fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat at very cheap prices and with instant delivery at your doorstep. Grocer app is currently providing its services in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Lahore, and Faislabad only. But they are trying their best to provide their best services in other cities also.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Startup?

A startup is a company that is usually founded by Entrepreneurs who have the vision and plan for a product or service. They often have a strong entrepreneurial spirit and are willing to take risks to realize their vision. 

Why are Startups important?

Startups are an essential part of the innovation economy. They are the engine of innovation and job creation. Startups create jobs, wealth and opportunities for people. They are also a great way to address social and economic problems.

What is Startup Unicorn?

A startup is a company that is valued at over a billion dollars. These are startups that have raised a lot of funding and are profitable.

Here are the Top 10 Tech Startups in Pakistan. If you are also running a startup company, please tell us in the comments.

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