6 Online Passive Business Ideas In Pakistan

Passive Business Ideas In Pakistan

Passive income is very important now a day. Inflation is increasing day by day all over the world. If you want your dream lifestyle, you must create multiple ways of income. According to my Experience Best way to create multiple income streams is passive income. You must find some way to earn money while you are sleeping. In Today’s Digital Era creating Digital Passive income sources is very easy and simple, but highly profitable. There are multiple Digital Products that you can easily sell and make a very handsome amount. The best thing about passive income is that you are enjoying holidays in the Mountains or beautiful beaches or spending time with your family or friends. But your Digital Product is generating money for you. So today, I will share six passive business ideas in Pakistan.

Top 6 Online Passive Business Ideas In Pakistan

1. Start Udemy Course

As all of us know that Udemy is one of the World’s largest online platfom for learning. People are selling multiple courses on different topics like IT and Software, Marketing, Business, Health and Fitness, Music, Acting, Cooking, Personal Development, Academia, Finance and Accounting, Designing, Video Editing, E-commerce, and many more. For example, my core competency is in Digital Marketing. If I need any fitness help, I will definitely buy a course of any fitness trainer for my health from Udemy.

If you have any skill or have experience in any field. You can earn an outstanding amount of money by selling your course online. You just need an Internet Connection and Camera. And you don’t need any expensive Camera or equipment to make your course. Nowadays, all of us have a smartphone. You can use your Smartphone phone camera and start making your course. I know so many people who are earning very good amount by selling their course on Udemy, and they had made their course with the help of their smartphone. People don’t care about video quantity, they just care about content. Always try to deliver good quality content, deliver maximum knowledge and techniques. And always keep one thing in mind try to make a short course of 4-6 Hours. Because the maximum audience on Udemy are those who are looking for short courses.

2. Mobile App

According to my experience in this Digital Era, Mobile App is Gold Mine. Mobile App is one of the most profitable and long-term revenue granting Digital Product. On a daily basis we use multiple mobile Apps, like we play Games, We use different apps for Entertainment, Learning, or many other takes. All of these apps are owned by some individual or company, and they are earning very good amount for sure. People are earning very well from Games, Apps like Universal TV Remotes, Video or Images editing, Fitness and Health, Learning, Guides, Utility, Productivity, and there are many more ideas. I personally know a company that earns more than 5 Thousand USD from a single TV Remote App.

If you have any unique idea for App, or solution for any problem which will be solved from your app. You can develop a mobile app or hire a freelance App developer, or offer him a partnership according to your choice. After developing an App you can publish your app on Play Store by creating Developers account on Google Pay Console and paying 25$ Registration fee. Once your App is live on Play Store, you can start Marketing your App on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Blogs, etc. To increase your users. Once you get a Good Numbers of users, you can earn a good amount of money by displaying ads on your app, or By Subscriptions, etc. For example, many gaming apps charge you money for unlocking new levels.

3. E-Book

Selling E-Books is increasing day by day. Because people like to read books while traveling and have free time in the office or home by just using their smartphones or Laptops. All E-books we buy from online platforms like Amazon Kindle, Blurd, Payhip, etc. are owned by some. And that person is earning money from every sale. If you love to write stories and want to share your experience or skills worldwide, then why are you not writing your E-book? You can write your E-book on any interesting topic of your choice. And publish it on platforms like Amazon Kindle, Payhip, and start earning. If you have any problem in writing, you can hire a content writer for you. It’s a one-time investment, after this, you will continuously enjoy your profit.

4. Become a YouTuber

YouTube is one of the major invention in this Digital Era. YouTube is changing the lives of billions of people all over the world. In the past, only a few people got a chance to show their talent to the world. But YouTube enables us to show our talent to the entire world by just sitting in our homes. If you have any talent, you are an Artist, Teacher, Storyteller, or you love Travel and want to capture beautiful views, there are many more things and ideas. You can create your YouTube Chanel and show your talent to the world. People are earning a very Good Amount from YouTube Advertising and Sponsors. if you have any talent, Why are you not starting your own Youtube Chanel? And Always Remember one thing that an expensive camera or equipment is not necessary to start your YouTube Chanel. You can start creating Videos by using your Mobile Camera. Many big YouTubers began their career by just using their Mobile phone.

5. Sell Photos Online

Are you a traveler and love to capture beautiful views? Photography is an art, and many people are very passionate about photography. Are you one of those? If you are one of those, you can earn a lot from your passion. There are so many people selling their captured images on websites like Shutterstock. You Just have to upload your captured images on Shutterstock. And you will earn a profit on every purchase of your photos.

6. Sell T-Shirt Designs

Did you know many people are earning a very good amount by just selling T-Shirt Designs on Teespring? You just have to design creative Amazing T-Shirt Designs and after this, you can upload them on Teespring. Once a person orders your T-Shirt design, Teespring will print that design and deliver it to a customer. And you will get a commission on that purchase. If you are a Graphic Designer, start designing unique T-Shirts designs now, and upload them on Teespring. But if you are not a Graphic Designer, you can hire a Designer. You will enjoy with your Friends, and Family and people are buying your designed T-shirts, and you are getting Money.

So here, are The Top 6 online passive business ideas in Pakistan. and I hope it will help you.

6 Online Passive Business Ideas In Pakistan
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6 Online Passive Business Ideas In Pakistan
Passive income is when you are enjoying holidays, but you are generating money. So I am going to share 6 passive business ideas in Pakistan. Start Udemy Course, Mobile App, E-Book, Become a YouTuber, Sell Photos Online, Sell T-Shirt Designs.
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