Never Miss These 8 Useful Websites for Daily Life

Useful Websites for Daily Life

Internet is now a very important part of our life. We use different websites daily for Social Networking, Entertainment, News, information, or any other purpose. But there are many useful Websites which are not so famous, and we are missing them. So after a complete research, I am going to share 8 useful websites for daily life.

8 Useful Websites for Daily Life


Synthesia helps you create an AI Video for your sales pitch, Company Message, E-commerce video, or any other purpose with more than 25 templates and in 60 plus languages. You just have to write the script, and this Website will create a video for you. You can choose a Male or Female Character and voice according to your choice for your video, so if you are a startup and can’t hire models and a Media team for your marketing, then synthesia is the best Website for you.

Earth 2050

Do you want to know how your city will look in 2050? As we saw in movies about a time machine, and we can see a future world. Earth 2050 shows you a prediction of different cities worldwide, and how they will be looked in 2050. Check out and enjoy this fantastic website now!

Google Driving Simulator

Are you bored of playing regular Car Games? Let’s try Google Driving Simulator. By using Google Driving Simulator, you can drive a car on Google Maps with the help of your keyboard. Start Driving Car on Google Map of your city. is one very fantastic website. You will defiantly enjoy it. In, you just have to write any World or Sentence, and it will find a movie clip for you consisting of that word or sentence. For Example, if I type the sentence “You are my best friend” It will show me multiple movies chips consisting of the sentence or dialogue. And You can also save your favorite movie chip with just a single click.

Amazon outlet

Do you want to check all the discounts offered by different brands on Amazon? Amazon Outlet website helps you to check all the discounts in one place. Visit Amazon Outlet now and enjoy amazing discounts and deals.

Un Screen

Un Screen is one of very excellent and helpful website. Do you want to remove or change the background of any of your videos but you don’t know how to edit videos? Don’t worry, just upload your video on Un Screen, and with a single click, you can easily remove or change the background of your Videos.

Custom Cursor

Are you bored of your regular mouse cursor and want to change it according to your choice. Yes, you can easily change it. Visit Custom Cursors right now and select your cursor according to your preference.

Pod Castle

Pod Castle is a very useful website. It’s an audio creating website that helps you to convert your notes into audio. You just have to upload your pdf, and this website will turn your text into audio.

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